Thai rice wins its reputation for freshness, tenderness, softness, smoothness


Most people eat three rice meals a day in Thailand, and their steamed rice is different from our Chinese’s cooked rice.


In a large hotel, the bamboo hat is very thundering.


At first, we feel it look a little odd, no one can guess what it does.


It is not until after the rice grains in bamboo hat photographed that we learn that bamboo hat is used to steam rice.


Thai rice grains are slender, it is sharp both ends, white color, steaming rice in a bamboo hat —- freshness, tenderness, softness, smoothness.


Compared with Chinese rice, after steaming Thai rice is grainy obvious and very attractive, fresh steamed rice stir-fry again, there is no dish to go with rice, eat the bowls of the total.

According to research, the rice growing in Thailand has over 5,500 years, but the export of Thai rice was formed within hundred years. Thai rice has ruled the world market, only 20 years or so.


Plain Rice flavor with some flavorings, I smell the delicious scent.


Mango Sticky Rice.


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