7.21 personal experience of Beijing rain disaster (Fangshan Shidu)

The 7.21 Beijing rain disaster, we three people trapped in the Fangshan Shidu more than 30 hours, experiencing heavy disaster area in rain disaster.

1.those shop were flooded in Fangshan Shidu bridge

2.water diffuse bridge in Shidu bridge

3.those nearby Shidu bridge farm house were flooded

4.water flowed over the roof

5.in the flood floated simply constructed house remains

6.water will diffuse through the Shidu Bridge

7.the flood was merciless

8.rescue drowning vehicle

9.the helpless affected villagers

10.the lone flooded sister car

11.the lonely disaster relief man

12.have no alternative

13.how do I

14.those villagers waited and saw

15.the flooded vehicle in front of the automobile parts store

16.the sister-in-law carryed out the affected property


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