Guangzhou, China

Where East Meets West: Nicole West's Hong Kong Adventures

We took the 20 minute MTR ride from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, and then a 1.5 hour train ride from there to Guangzhou to meet our good friend that studied at CUHK with us. Guangzhou is the capital and largest city of the Guangdong province and sits at the top of the Pearl River Delta.

Guangzhou traditional buildings are slowly disappearing due to the rapid growth of the city. Liwan District perfectly encompasses the city’s historic architecture with Lizhiwan, Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street, and Shamian Island.

Lizhiwan area dates back 2000 years ago and was composed by river and canal systems in crisscross patterns. After much expansion of Guangzhou, various branches of the river system were covered to become streets. Our friend explained to us once we noticed the drastic sloping of the streets. He stated that the Guangzhou people simply just built on top of the water.

Shang Xia Jiu…

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Leshan’s Buddha

[maɪ eɪ.ʒə]

In the morning we (me, a Danish couple and one Swiss) woke up at 7 and caught a bus to Leshan around 10. It was supposed to take 2 hours to get there, but I guess there was some kind of rush hour or the bus driver was slow or something because we got to Leshan around 1pm. From the bus station we took another bus (no. 13) to rainy Great Buddha Park.

[Leshan is famous for its 71-meter-tall and 1200-year-old Buddha statue which is carved into the rock. It’s facing the Dadu-river which crosses the Leshan city with two other rivers. The Buddha was built there in hope, it to calm the wild river waters and after 90 years of building the Buddha the river waters did actually calm down. Was it the calming effect of the Buddha or because of all the rocks from sculpting that ended up…

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Streets of Lijiang, China

The Thankful Heart

IMG_5426Hi there–  I’ll admit I’m a little envious.  My mom is off visiting my sis in Lijiang and it’s left me wishing I could have tagged along.  We were there last summer, wandering over canals and cobbled streets in the old town, sitting down to a plate of yak for lunch and sampling the green onion pancakes from street vendors…  So I pulled up our travel pics- Here are a few:

IMG_5726     IMG_5364
The houses sit perched over winding canals connected by stone bridges and streets paved with huge blocks of stone.

IMG_5882     IMG_5345
Bicycle delivery men– the first is headed to a restaurant with his load of vegetables and a whole pig tied to the top.  And right is the wagon full of blocks of coal used for heating.

IMG_1308     IMG_5451
Old gentlemen sit in the afternoon sun on the plaza and a friendly grandma lets…

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Leisure Zhujiajian –sand sculpture

The Zhujiajian beach is recognized as the world’s best beach  by the international sand sculpture organization WSSA, The Zhujiajian beach are much more than the Hawaiian islands in sandy and views of the beach. Since the inception of the Sand Sculpture Festival, every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists go to Zhujiajian appreciate the sand sculpture works, the taste of sand sculpture culture.

mascot shasha

12th china Zhoushan International Sand Sculpture Festival theme: “African World”.

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The magnificent Potala Palace

The Potala Palace located in the urban area northwest of Lhasa, a threeteen-storey palace architecture, 110 meters high, 3750 meters above the sea level, is a magnificent castle architecture group.

The whole building abutting against the Hongshan mountain was piled up, winding its way up to the top of the mountain, covers an area of more than 10 square meters, people can overlook the majestic palace outside of the dozens of miles, it is the important sign of Lhasa, it is a bright pearl in the snowy plateau, it is world cultural heritage.

The Potala Palace, most of the buildings dating back more than 350 years, a few even have a history of 1,300 years.

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